November 02, 2020 1 min read

The powerful and ultra-portable O-Pen is ideal for purifying water on the go.

Whether you are filling up your water bottle a fresh mountain stream or at the water fountain after an intense workout at the gym, use the O-Pen to ensure your water is safer to drink. 

The O-Pen ensures your water is safer to drink where ever you go.

Simply place the O-Pen in your container of up to 16oz of water, press the top button, gently swirl the O-Pen around, and you will quickly see ozone bubbles purifying the entire container of water in less than 1 minute. Along with a flurry of ozone bubbles created from the powerful O-Pen, you will notice the fresh, natural aroma of newly created ozone - proof that your O-Pen is hard at work for you! 

Ozone produced from the O-Pen

  • does not leave any harmful residue
  • rapidly disinfects from harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • effectively removes undesirable tastes and odors from water

The O-Pen weighs 1.2 oz. (30 g), making it ultra-light, portable, and easily packable for anywhere life takes you!

Order the O-Pen today for access to portable purified water at home and on the go.