November 24, 2020 4 min read

Ozone for Hiking, Ozone for Fishing, Ozone for Camping, Ozone For Hunting

Simply put, there is no better outdoor companion than the O-Pen. It's the smallest, lightest, greenest water purification solution you can carry. Safe, environmentally sound, and incredibly high-tech, the O-pen is a modern solution to the classic problem of making water safe to drink.

The O-pen is a do-it-all ozone solution for ozone water treatment. But what do we mean by ozone water treatment? What is ozone? How is ozone used to make water safe? And is ozone safe for drinking water? We'll answer all these questions as we address what makes the O-pen electrolytic ozone generator the perfect companion for outdoor adventuring.

You may not have considered ozone water treatment (infusing water with ozone) before. That's because, previously, ozone water and ozone treatment were cost-prohibitive for drinking water. Chlorine treatment was a more cost-effective method than ozone for treating drinking water to remove harmful microorganisms.  Ozone doesn't use harsh chemicals; chlorine does. Ozone only recently became cost-effective, however. The result is that most people enjoying outdoor hobbies like hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting were forced to rely either on physical filters or on chemical chlorine-based treatments.

Why Water Treatment Matters

One of the cardinal rules of outdoor adventuring is that you never drink untreated water. Drinking water that has not had the benefit of water treatment (such as with chlorine, or through physical filtering) can contain dangerous microorganisms.  These include giardia, E.coli, salmonella, cholera, and many others.  These organisms can make you very sick or even kill you, depending on the situation. For outdoor sports like camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and especially for wilderness survival scenarios, drinking water that has had no water treatment is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Why You May Not Have Heard Of Ozonated Water

If you have never heard of water treatment using ozone (water that has been ozonated to purify it), there's a good reason for that. Previously, treating drinking water with ozone was considered cost-prohibitive.  Ozone, or 03, is three Oxygen atoms (whereas oxygen is two oxygen atoms). It's unstable, so while it disinfects water immediately, it reverts to oxygen very quickly after it is created. O3 can be created naturally in our atmosphere (the "ozone layer" that protects us from cosmic rays) or through manmade processes. The man made O3 simply didn't last long enough to be stored or transported.

To create ozone water for water treatment, ozone therapy, or other benefits (such as simply to purify water), you have to create the ozonated water at the point of use. There now exists technology to create ozonated water that is cost-effective and which lasts long enough to use the ozone water as a disinfectant (and to purify water itself). Modern O3 generators are electrolytic generators that infuse ozone into water to purify the drinking water. This process of ozonation can be used for surface disinfection in food processing, medical equipment, distilling, and a host of other processes... but most importantly, it makes drinking water safe to drink.

Water Treatment Through Ozonation Is "Green" And Sustainable

Ozonation isn't just stronger than chlorine. Ozone treatment is also a "green" and environmentally sustainable solution. It uses no chemicals and leaves no toxins behind. This means ozonated drinking water -- water treatment through ozonation -- is safe and effective. With a modern electrolytic ozone generator, it's possible to do while "on the fly." Ozone water can be produced by ozone water treatment equipment of various sizes... but one of the smallest and lightest of them is the perfect survival and outdoor adventuring companion.

Unlike with some chemicals, microorganisms cannot develop a resistance to ozone. After it is used for water treatment, the ozone used for ozonation of drinking water reverts quickly back to oxygen (which is part of water, every molecule of which is one hydrogen atom and two oxygen, or O2, atoms). 

In fact, the very thing that made ozone, or O3, cost-prohibitive for drinking water treatment is what now makes it such a great alternative. It reverts back to oxygen so quickly that you can use ozonation for drinking water and quickly have water that is safe to drink. Nothing harmful is left behind.

Ozone is not harmful. Ozone is natural. Ozone is just 03, an unstable form of oxygen. But ozone, and water treatment with ozone, has many benefits. Ozone treatment makes found water safe to drink. Ozone infused in ANY water disinfects that water. Ozonation, infusing water with ozone, is thus the best means of using ozone to accomplish your disinfection goals. Ozone, ozone, ozone... it's an idea whose time has come.

Using The O-Pen For Outdoor Adventuring

The O-Pen is a tiny electrolytic ozone generator used for ozonation of drinking water. It infuses water with a cloud of ozone gas. Ozonation was approved as an antimicrobial agent by the FDA decades ago. It is also safe for organic crop and livestock production, Because ozonation is more powerful than chlorine, water treatment with ozone is an extremely effective way to combat bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.  

There is no chemical aftertaste, no residue, and nothing harmful in water treated through ozonation. This means the O-pen can be used on found water, tap water in your hotel room, the water in other locales... literally anywhere you need to be absolutely certain your drinking water is safe.

The O-Pen is fast-acting and can purify half a liter (16 ounces) of water in less than a minute. It's tiny and portable, weighing only 30 grams (1.2 ounces). It produces absolutely no waste, is rechargeable through any USB port, and can purify roughly 25 liters per charge (about 50 uses).

Simply put, there is no better outdoor companion than the O-Pen. It's the smallest, lightest, greenest water purification solution you can carry. Safe, environmentally sound, and incredibly high-tech, the O-pen is a modern solution to the classic problem of making water safe to drink.