November 05, 2020 1 min read

The O-Pen and Ozo-Pod 10 are powerful sanitizing and deodorizing tools.

Use the Ozo-Pod 10 to sanitize and deodorize soiled and contaminated fabrics such as facial masks, athletic gear, face cloths, etc.  Submerge the Ozo-Pod 10 and fabric item and turn ON. Let the Ozo-Pod 10 run briefly, wring out fabric item and let air dry.  Enjoy your sanitized, freshened fabrics!

The O-Pen can be placed in a small spray bottle for ozonation.  Spray ozonated water on couches, blanets, inside shoes, and on other odorous fabrics.  The onzonated spray will not only eliminate odors but also sanitize any fabrics or surfaces it comes into contact with.

How will you use your O-Pen and Ozo-Pod 10 to sanitize, deodorize, and freshen fabrics in your home?

O-Pen in spray bottle for cleaning, sanitizing, and purifying fabrics and surfaces