The advanced and ultra-portable O-Pen uses the power of ozone to purify water in your pocket! The O-Pen makes water safer to drink by infusing it with a cloud of ozone gas.

From hotel rooms, cruise ships, and international travels to hunting, fishing and hiking adventures outdoors.... The O-Pen ensures your water is safer to drink where ever you go.

Simply place the O-Pen in your container of up to 16oz of water, press the top button, gently swirl the O-Pen around, and you will quickly see ozone bubbles purifying the entire container of water in less than 1 minute. Along with a flurry of ozone bubbles created from the powerful O-Pen, you will notice the fresh, natural fragrance of newly created ozone - proof that your O-Pen is hard at work for you! 

Ozone is a naturally occurring water purification powerhouse. It is the strongest oxidizer available that can be safely used in water treatment to destroy micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. 

    Ozone produced from the O-Pen does not leave any harmful residue, rapidly disinfects, and effectively removes undesirable odors from water. 

    Immediately upon opening the box, your O-Pen can be used to purify 16 oz. (.5 L) of water in under one minute. A fully charged O-Pen can purify approximately 25+ liters per charge - about 50 uses. Your purchase of the O-Pen includes a USB cable for convenient charging. 

    Weighing 1.2 oz. (30 g), the O-Pen is ultra-light and portable. The O-Pen comes with an attractive, sleek carrying case measuring approximately 7.5x3x1 inches, making it easy to pack in a purse, backpack, briefcase, or travel bag.

    The O-Pen is proudly made in the USA. 

    If you prefer to place an order by phone or have any questions about the O-Pen, please contact us by calling 920-676-6848 or email: microbialsolutions@outlook.com

    The O-Pen is not currently available for purchase in the following states: CO, DC, HI, IN, NV, OK, WY