Ozo-Pod 10 AC/DC

Enjoy all the benefits of the original Ozo-Pod 10 with the added flexibility of AC/DC compatibility!

This version of the Ozo-Pod 10 comes with an adapter for super portable and high powered off-grid water ozone generation.

The Ozo-Pod 10 is a versatile, portable purification product that produces aqueous ozone - a powerful but natural cleansing force.  

Simply plug in your Ozo-Pod 10, fully submerge the pod in water, turn ON, and within minutes up to 5 gallons of water will be fully ozonated and purified for your consumption. Along with a flurry of ozone bubbles created from the powerful Ozo-Pod 10, you will notice the fresh, natural fragrance of newly created ozone - proof that your Ozo-Pod 10 is hard at work for you! 

Ozone produced from the Ozo-Pod 10 does not leave any harmful residue, rapidly disinfects, and effectively removes undesirable odors from water or any surfaces it comes into contact with. 

Some applications of the Ozo-Pod 10 include:

  • purifying drinking water
  • cleansing fresh produce from harmful microbes, pesticides and herbicides
  • decontaminating surfaces (counter tops, cutting boards, utensils, door knobs, etc.)
  • deodorizing items in the home
    • pour freshly ozonated water in a spray bottle - spray odors away
    • soak odorous items (shoes, sportswear, smelly sponges) in the ozonated water
  • disinfecting items in the home
    • soak fabric face masks, sponges and kitchen cloths, soak toothbrushes, etc in ozonated water

The purification applications of the Ozo-Pod 10 are plentiful. We can't wait to hear how YOU use the Ozo-Pod 10 in your home, business, or adventuring!

The Ozo-Pod 10 is proudly made in the USA.

If you prefer to place an order by phone or have any questions about the Ozo-Pod 10, please contact us by calling 920-676-6848 or email: microbialsolutions@outlook.com

The Ozo-Pod is not currently available for purchase in the following states: CO, DC, HI, IN, NV, OK, WY