Ozo-Tap 50

Beta Testers Wanted for the world’s first Ozone-on-Tap device utilizing the “Power of EO3™”, electrolytic ozone.

The goal of the Ozo-Tap™ 50 is to be a multi-purpose ozonated water dispenser that is easily installed on your own for use wherever you need it: in the kitchen, cafeteria, office, barn, or bar.  Everything you need is included to operate the Ozo-Tap 50. All you will need to install the Ozo-Tap 50 is a GFCI-protected electrical outlet and a cold-water line to branch off of.

Depending on the water source and force of water flow, the Ozo-Tap 50 should output anywhere from .025 ppm to 2 ppm of dissolved ozone in the water that comes from its own tap (included).

Ozone has been used for over 150 years in water treatment and is the strongest oxidizer available that can be safely used to destroy micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and etc.

Ozone produced from the Ozo-Tap 50 does not leave any harmful residue, rapidly disinfects, and effectively removes undesirable odors from water or any surfaces it comes into contact with. 

Some applications of the Ozo-Tap 50 include:

  • purifying drinking water
  • cleansing fresh produce from harmful microbes, pesticides and herbicides
  • decontaminating surfaces (counter tops, cutting boards, utensils, door knobs, etc.)
  • deodorizing items in the home
    • pour freshly ozonated water in a spray bottle - spray odors away
    • soak odorous items (shoes, sportswear, smelly sponges) in the ozonated water
  • disinfecting items in the home
    • soak fabric face masks, sponges and kitchen cloths, soak toothbrushes, etc in ozonated water

The purification applications of the Ozo-Tap 50 are plentiful. We can't wait to hear how YOU use the Ozo-Tap 50 in your home or business. 

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to buy the Ozo-Tap 50 beta-tester system for $599.  After the product is developed, it will retail for $999.

If you prefer to place an order by phone or have any questions about the Ozo-Tap 50, please contact us by calling 920-676-6848 or email: microbialsolutions@outlook.co

The Ozo-Tap™ is not currently available for purchase in the following states: CO, DC, HI, IN, NV, OK, WY